Skincare Consultation in Lambertville

Skincare Consultation

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Skincare Consultation in Lambertville

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A goal without a plan is just a wish. A New Patient Consultation is a great way to start planning and stop wishing! At Angie Scott Skin Health, we take pride in our knowledge and expertise. A New Patient Consultation is truly invaluable and we love to educate! Education is something you can never take away!

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The Appointment.


The Process

A new patient consultation allows us to get to know you, get to know your skin, and create a customizable plan for optimal results. Each patient’s skincare regimen and treatment plan is tailored specific to their needs and concerns- no one regimen is alike!

How long it takes

60 minutes

What it includes


Pictures using our Observ Imaging System

Custom-tailored skincare recommendations

Suggested treatment plan

Scheduling your first treatment!


The cost of a New Patient Consultation is $75, but that $75 is applied toward your first skincare treatment when you decide to jump in! This is our way of making sure we can get you back in the office to take care of you and your skin!

Why try a New Skin Consultation in Lambertville?



The staff at Angie Scott Skin Health are extremely knowledgeable and will do whatever it takes to make sure you are educated and stick with us as a life-long patient!

The process

What to Expect?


During your consultation, we start with a greeting and a general conversation over what brings you in/what your main concerns are. We ask that you come without makeup on so that we can take images of your skin using a high-tech imaging system to see what we are working with! We then recommend products and treatments that we feel will give you the best results!

There is not much you need to prepare prior to your New Patient Consultation in Lambertville from Angie Scott Medical Aesthetics!

  • Arrive for your appointment on time, without makeup, and enjoy.


After your consultation:

  • Make sure to contact us with any questions or concerns
  • Book your first skincare appointment!

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