Kassie Scott

Medical Aesthetician , Social Media Director

Kassie Scott has been around the medical skincare and plastic surgery industry her whole life and is the daughter of Angie Scott.

Kassie became a medical aesthetician in June of 2023 and will also continue to be the social media director for Angie Scott Medical Aesthetics!

Kassie has a degree in marketing which allows her to obtain the newest of knowledge when it comes to various business topics. She has also graduated aesthetics school at The Douglas J. Aveda Institute in Ann Arbor and has learned from Angie her entire life.

Kassie’s goal as a young marketer is to promote the business in manners that will creatively engage with our clientele in the most effective and personal way while remaining authentic to our brand. Her goal as a medical aesthetician is to educate her patients on good skincare and healthy habits all-around, and to provide them that million dollar service they have always been looking for.

Kassie is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and excited to serve you as a member of the Angie Scott Medical Aesthetics team.